any tips for getting the piaware going? not seeing flights!!

setup nooelec TCXO USB, and all is “online”

not seeing anything at all…

If I put the stick (antenna in the same place) into my laptop and run the ADB 1090 program I do get readings which match with nearby flights.

Should I try re imaging the SD card? older / newer version?

I have been running on a pi2

To clarify, you had a PiAware working before with an old dongle and you swapped it for a new one? What is your antenna setup?

i had similar problem in past, when i have changed my antenna voila all works fine, not sure if the same problem for you but if can test other antenna would be better than do a sdcard format

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By the way. I noticed a similar defect with Flightfeeder. Part of an aircrafts can not be seen. I see a plane in the sky, I see the airplane on FR24 map, but it invisible for Flightfeeder.
For example now - These aircraft flew near Flightfeeder’s site

Are you looking on your local interface or Have you enabled position-only flights on ?

By way about “When this option is activated, you can see additional flights for which FlightAware does not have a filed flight plan”.
Is it possible to hide “flights for which FlightAware does HAVE a filed flight plan”?
Many wrong an aircrafts on FlightAware live map.
It’s very annoying.

No, do you have an example?

For example now - … sp=sharing … sp=sharing
And the map after few minutes - … sp=sharing

other examples
Another ghost aircraft - its usual on the map … sp=sharing

A two planes. One of them wrong … sp=sharing … sp=sharing
And reality on FR24 … sp=sharing

By the way this is not always - FR24 and FlightAware … sp=sharing … sp=sharing