any ideas on this flight?

just curious on thoughts of this flight, left KRFD and arrived at KRFD , it flew over by chicago then came back.

I think the ‘9’ in the UPS9232 denotes a maintenance flight.

I think the 9 means either “Hey, did you remember to pick up those packages”? Or “Whoa, that’s scattered Cu up ahead”. 8^)

The flight was diverted. It was supposed to go DTW.

Most of these 9000 flights look to be maintenance / reposition … /KRFD/KDTW

hi, thnx to all who posted on this thread.

even if it was a maintenance flight, why is it “diverted” ? any ideas?

this is just another example of a UPS 9000 flight number. The deversion for 9232 could be for lots of reason. Weather, equipment, traffic.

As discussed previously on FlightAware Forum, most of the major airlines (that includes UPS and Fedex - just because they only fly cargo doesn’t mean they aren’t a real airline) use flight numbers in the 9000 series for the following types of flights:

  • charters
  • repositioning
  • maintenance
  • training (very rarely because almost all training now is done in simulators)