Any documentaries about airliners?

I’ve been trying to find some documentaries about airliners and their development and found the 5-part PBS documentary about the 777, “20th century Jet: making the boeing 777”

I was wondering if there were any other documentaries such as this one about other airliners? I’ve found one on youtube about the a380 called “the giant of the skies: the a380.” Are there any other ones worth watching.

(And in case anybody is wondering, i want to be an aerospace engineer, so i want to see what types of things i could do and what interests me. So this would help me a lot.)

This one’s an oldie but a goodie

The Wayback Machine has some documentaries on aircraft in their moving images archive.

I suggest the Mayday TV series, a look at aircraft accidents.
The program goes into great detail at why and what part(s) broke down and the series of events that caused it. Great for your intended type of work, learn from other’s mistakes.

MrBurns, I think the OP is interested in aircraft CONstruction - not DEstruction :smiley: (J/K)
The “Mayday” series is now called “Air Emergency” and airs on Nat GEO channel on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM EDT. More often than not, it’s the human element that breaks down.

To learn construction you need to know about destruction as well.
That’s my opinion.

A very good opinion. What good does it do to be able to build something without knowing what it’s going to take to destruct it?

There are a few National geographic and History channel documentaries on youtube, I ran into a fellow online ,retired from world airways and he had the 727 last flight out of da nang he put on there and the scout plane radiod there were people in the wheel wells, the cargo doors open with people hanging out and about 300 pax all on this 727 at 10,000 feet and the rear stairs down… The owner of world had a gun and was slugging it out to keep people off the stairs… tough guy…

Now on You tube, there are good vids but a lot of kids upload that flight simulator game now so you gotta sort through whats real and not.