any configuration needed for pro Plus?


Just got a Flightaware Pro Plus as an upgrade from a cheap generic dongle and Ive been running it for about 48hrs straight out of the box but not seeing much of a difference to be honest. Is there any configuration I need to do or woudl it usually be run straight out of the box?


Get the FA 1090 MHz filter.


Pro Stick Plus - With & Without Filter at my location
My location has lot of Cell Phone & other interfering signals.


So is the FA 1090 MHz filter only really needed if you are in an area of high amounts of interference? I live a distance outside the town in what could be considered a rural location and no cell towers etc. so woudl I really benefit from it?


Rural locations mostly have low level of RF interference and Filter is mostly not beneficial.

The only sure way to know if a location has interference is either to measure the interference level by RF measuring instruments, or by trying a Filter.


Purchase the filter on Amazon and return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.



FWIW amazon returns are usually destroyed.


Try one of the frequency scanners, there are several which use the dongle so your half way there already. I’m in a rural location in UK and found the filter didn’t help. Try a coax stub (notch) filter which are easy to make to see what effect it has on your frequency trace.

Search for rtl-sdr scanner. SDR Sharp (SDR#) is one I keep going back to.




I guess this goes some way towards explaining the “faulty” returns that test fine.


I’ve never had a problem with Amazon refunding me for a returned item.

A couple of times, I’ve had to pay for the return shipping because of buyer’s remorse but that’s about it.


before you buy a filter, try different gain settings. I am ~ 3.5nm from CYUL right on the ils 24R and what works for me is 40.2
for the same pro stick.


PEBCAK fault. :wink:


“Filter Needed or Not” specultion will end if an integral TAI SAW filter is added between antenna input and front-end RF Pre-amplifier. We may call it ProStick++

An alternative (to keep cost low) is that instead of adding 2nd TAI SAW, the existing TAI SAW is relocated from its current location (between RF Preamp and Tuner) to new location between Antenna input and RF Preamp.

It will be highly appreciated if the above noted two options are explored and prototypes made and tested by Flightaware.