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I’ve got two Coco antennas, one of which is outside my window facing north (on the window sil) however the coverage is quite good north and south east (yet it’s still blocked S.E by my house… strange!) anything south, blocked by the rest of my house and west is lacking although NW,N,NE are all perfect. I do have another RPI running on the south of my house with a simple antenna that came with the DVB-T dongle, yet it can reach 150NM+ (There is a large area behind my house not covered with anything it’s all completely flat).

Therefore I was wondering the best thing to do in these situations, as I’d rather only run 1 RPI as it’s a lot simpler.
I’ve included the lazy link to my profile on FA so you can see both PI’s, the southern facing gets a lot more planes than the northern / more powerful antenna.

The COCO’s themselves are covered in PVC tubing and completely waterproof however the cable isn’t, especially the connectors which I’d need to cover if it was anywhere vulnerable. - Which I come to the question of where to put it, I don’t have any power in my attic although this is probably a good dry place, unless I could somehow run a cable long enough through the hatch and into a plug somewhere to provide power (it’d have to be pretty long). The same would also be the issue for outside and I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it very high apart from a garden shed which isn’t high at all although it’s about 10M from the house on the southern side where there is a lot more coverage. The problem with outside is also the power, protecting the cable and somehow getting the PI plugged into it while being waterproof and sustainable.

Other info;
I was wondering how much difference amplifiers make to the whole process and what type may benefit the coverage although nothing that requires an external plug, all my connections use BMC and the final cable is BMC to MCX for DVB-T.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


Duplicate post ?

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