Antenna mount brainstorming

I have a 1090 MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66 cm / 26 in Brand: FlightAware

arriving Thursday and I have what I think is a unique to me mounting situation and would appreciate some brain storming on how to get this done.

I have that antenna and a Homebrewed Off-Center Fed Dipole - The RadioReference Wiki I would like to mount both these antennas to a roof vent pipe. The issue I am seeing is from the ground the vent pipes looks to be rather small. (inch and a quarter or so looking from the ground.) The 1090 antenna would mount directly to the vent pipe with its included mount. I haven’t found a “vent pipe mount” that goes down to 1.25" and like a 1.25 or 1.5 mast. Another hitch in the plan the mount for the off center fed dipole is horizontal. I think I am down to using a 2x4 or something similar and some u bolts to mount to the wood to the vent pipe then use whatever combination of ubolts to mount the antennas to the wood piece. Has anyone done something like this and had it last long term?

I use one of these

on the end of the house

with a home made CoCo and a Flightaware antenna.

The CoCo is in the PVC tube attached with duct tape and the FA antenna is on an offset made for mounting a vertical TV antenna off the side of a vertical mast. (The duct tape has been there since June 2016 and will probably fall down soon and I will use proper mast clamps next time)

The mast is 25mm galvanized steel pipe. If you are attaching to a vent be careful as it may be quite thin walled and easy to crush with the mast clamp.


not sure that I fully understand the setup. My setup has differing sizes for poles (don’t recall the exact diameters) and I ended up mast-to-mast mounting using these:
Ambient Weather EZ-HD-PTP Heavy Duty Mast to Mast Mounting Kit

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