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Antenna Extension Cable - Is this the right one?

Sure, there is a reason like you state. For this type of antenna I decribed, type 6 of this one will do the trick:

For those brave and handy this would be a project similar to mine:

  1. For housing this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wavlink-N300-2-4G-High-Power-Outdoor-Weatherproof-Wifi-Repeater-Range-Extender/163463771172?hash=item260f333424:g:YTsAAOSw4m9cLI8s
    I use that one (Toss the electronic inside or sell it on the black market, poor FW and coverage)
    It’s a good housing, like the sealing for cable. Between antennas there is a hole with a rubber plug.
    It has to be drilled like 1mm bigger for the antenna connection USB stick to fit.

    • You get a POE adapter for free :slight_smile: Seal the antenna holes with araldite epoxy or similar.
  2. One of these fit inside the enclosure : https://flightaware.com/adsb/prostick/
    Should be great for other types of USB stick receivers as well. Maybe also those small boards
    with 2 antenna inputs also will fit.

  3. For antenna several options: Have bad experience with these: https://www.nooelec.com/store/ads-b-discovery-antenna-bundle-5dbi.html
    The 1090 antenna gave very poor signal, the 987 antenna far better. Could be a construction failure
    1090 antenna - Don’t know.

    Not tested this one, but review not promising: https://www.ebay.com/itm/9-dbi-1090MHz-SMA-Antenna-SMA-Male-Adapter-Ads-b-Wireless-Omni-directional-Screw/183789058279?epid=1594583015&hash=item2acaae78e7:g:g5cAAOSwyO1cw0bt#rwid

Tempted to buy/try this one : https://www.ebay.com/itm/9dbi-Ads-b-1090MHz-Antenna-SMA-MALE-Omni-Modem-Booster-Router-Wireless-Aerial/191866128415?hash=item2cac1cc81f:g:anwAAOSw2x1XLWSk
Anyone who have any experience with it ?

Or option to built antenna I built mentioned i previous post. That one maybe not fully optimized as
I did not know velocity factor of coax. New coax ordered together with ABS plastic rods (Modellers)
to house the coax antenna.
Will provide pic/drawing etc of process if anyone wish to try/see.

4.Cable/Connection as mentioned in previous post, or options mentioned by others.

I can see now that coverage here is not bad at all, maybe it will do better with another antenna.
Will keep you posted

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