Antenna Cable for Piaware

I have my Pi aware online right now with the standard little antenna. I bought the antenna that Flight aware sells and I am getting ready to install it on the roof. My question is what cable to buy. It is a little confusing reading about it. I see that LMR-240 is recommended but there are replacements. I live in a place that does not carry much on electronics. I can order LMR-240 cable but it comes in 100’ for $160.00. What cable can I buy that will do just as well or suggestion where I can get a 50’ cable. I am running Pi aware with the pro-stick with filter built in. Thank you.

Try the STD Cable TV cable first. It is not the best but is an inexpensive starting point.
Be very careful with the N connector on the coax cable. The Antenna uses a 50 Ohm N female.
The cable should use the 50 Ohm Male version. (The 75 Ohm has a smaller pin that may not connect properly).

There are plenty of online sites that either carry pre-made cables or will make them for you.

Here is a nearby site to give you an idea of likely range.

Don’t forget lightning/static protection. I have a 1000ft bridge and multiple 6 story apartments need me so I am pretty safe.

Set your receiver location(you can set the public viewing granularity separately) so that MLAT will work.
You can use a smartphone, GPS or a mapping program (google earth. yahoo maps etc) to get the precise location.
You may need to restart piaware after it is set so that piware picks up the new setting. This will allow you to see aircraft that do not send their positions(older Mode S transponders).

Thank you for that information. I think I found a place I am going to buy the cable. I will try it.

I have being thinking about improving the aerial and the feeder on my new setup. But I have decided to mount the PI on the end of the aerial, and use a POE HAT. For example Raspberry Pi Store | The Pi Hut .
All I will need to do is to run one cat5e ethernet cable. It will be about the same cost, with the HAT, but the cable is smaller, highly flexible, and can be over 100m long. To manage any possible heat issue the mast will be mounted on the north side of the roof, the pi will be in shadow, so no solar gain. Also the case will be larger than needed to allow air inside to circulate, and metal. An alternative solution :grinning: