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Antena ADS-B

Esta antena atende ao ADS-B?magloopzbz1

Parece muy grande para ADS-B. Longitud de onda para 1090MHz es approx. 275mm y muchas antenas estan basadas en quartos de eso. Ademas, ADS-B tiene polarizacion vertical. Su antena es curioso. ÂżQuisĂĄz para television?

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Eu comprei uma igual mas a frequencia nas especificacoes eram diferentes (faixa baixa de Mhz). Eu instalei assim mesmo e funciona perfeitamente.

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No, it’s an HF aerial for a totally different frequency to ADS-B. It might work better than the little tiny mismatched aerials that come with SDR dongles but it’s absolute garbage compared to a proper aerial for the correct frequency.

NĂŁo, Ă© uma antena HF para uma frequĂȘncia totalmente diferente do ADS-B. Pode funcionar melhor do que as pequenas antenas incompatĂ­veis que vĂȘm com dongles SDR, mas Ă© um lixo absoluto em comparação com uma antena adequada para a frequĂȘncia correta.


Directional high frequency loop.

It looks similar to this:

It’s just a generic HF ‘magnetic loop’ aerial.

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I bought a new one today and I will install soon. It is a 1090MHz ADS-B 9dBi.
Is it possible to merge a 978 and 1090 to a single device or it is not necessary? Does the 1090 also capture 978MHz frequency?

978 UAT use would be limited to continental USA, and maybe one could see a bit of activity in southern Canada and Northern Mexico. Outside of those regions, probably nothing to see.

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