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Another Tracker at myAirport KPAE - Not found in search

I notice a lot of ADSB reports shows KPAE and not me. I assumed that this was another station. Yet I did a search of the Reporters in the STATS area and I cannot find another KPAE.

So I wonder if its reporting KPAE its me or is it another ???

Ricky - Chris Lee also goes under that airport location

Rick, open the FA Stats page (flightaware.com/adsb/stats/). Expand the Top Sites (the More under user 20). Wait for it to load which can be a bit slow. Once loaded, there will be a search near the top on the right. Type kpae there and it will show all lines with those letters in the list.


Yea, Did a search of the whole list orignially, must of missed him. He is slightly above me in the list. Now I see another one, so now we have 3 :slight_smile:.