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Hi, I have an older Pi and all the stuff needed laying around and was thinking of throwing together a Flight Tracking node.

What do I give up in terms of Privacy and anonymity?

I guess the IP address location is a given, but I don’t see that as too onerous though as it is pretty granular.

Anything else I should be considering before assembling the node and elevating this account?


Your username will be shown in stats (and optionally your name on your account). We don’t publish your IP, but the approximate location (within a few km) is available on the map. We’re working on a way to let users decide how exact your location should be.

OK, thanks for the quick reply.

I am OK with the user name in stats, but how do I not have my account name included? Is that something I can set up when activating the node or what/here?

Any time-frame on the location thing then? Not overly concerned with that but it sounds like a good option.

Look on your account page under option #3

And if you are really freaked out you can enter “John Doe” for your name. FA isn’t doing SS# background checks to establish a log in or anything. You IP is accessible to plenty of people in the wild.

It’s all good. Welcome.

Hi, I have connected to FA from a hotel internet access without logging in, and when looking at my station info, the position was exactly the one I have given. Is this normal?

The position is not derived from your IP.