Tracking stations

:question: When we look at the tracking stations of a particular flight we see many stations identified by ICAO airport codes. Are these the stations that FlightAware owns, and are they actually located at those airports, or just nearby?

Are the PlanePlotter contributors always listed by their user names and sharer code, or are some of them listed in different ways?

How are direct SBS-3 contributors listed?

They’ll all people who feed for FlightAware.

I knew that much, what I was trying to find out is what the different types of labels mean.

Forgive my ignorance. But how does one find feeding stations vs just a normal flight aware track. I havent found it yet.

Anyway I feed from KPAE and my tracking ID is jM

BTW my feeder is a Dongle connected to an 8 element Coaxial that is decoded by DUMP1090 and
then goes to FA via planeplotter.

I made a query after seeing my id name listed in a flight log and did not like the potential privacy loss. I turns out if I access the same info but not logged in I only see the Airport ID but not my name (I just reconfirmed that). The PlanePlotter ID does not show in the flight log, (logged in or not).


That is correct. You can see your closest airport and share identifier when logged in and looking at a flight.

So, if I am understanding it correctly, I am only seeing my PP share ID and user name because “I” am the one looking at it (?) Everyone else just sees the indication of the nearest airport code. Is that correct?


Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

Have not seen an answer. Im pretty new to feeding to flight aware (quit feeding to FR24) and I was wondering how one sees tracking info. If I select a flight, all I see is what FA has always shown.

We’ll use this as an example: … K/tracklog

As you can see, the flight is being picked up by an ADS-B station (FlightAware ADS-B (KSJC)) when climbing. Eventually down the flight path to NY, no ADS-B stations are in range to pick up the flight. That’s when you see (Oakland Center) That is the delayed data provided to FA by another source. If it is your station tracking the aircraft then you will see your nearest airport and sharing code on the flight log (ex: FlightAware ADS-B (KSJC) / username12345 s8.

Sweet … Very understandable … I see for example UAL6

It shows ADSB/KPAE W7PSK jm for me. Several times it shows just ADSB/KPAE … is that another feeder showing the data ?

I’m not 100% sure. Around my area it is quite possible that it could be another station with the same airport.

I think you will find that it is just linked to the Air traffic control tower. Another fantastic app for tracking aeroplanes, is flight radar 24. This provides accurate, fast and live data. Functions include virtual reality and more. This is a free and worthwhile app to download!

Yes, currently it only shows you your username and if there’s no username listed, it’s a different site.