American Eagle Flight number incorrect!


I noticed that EGF3714 (American Eagle) was not on the system i noticed this because i am flying on this flight today to Dallas Fort Worth, it got entered in at EGF714…which is a flight from RDU to JFK. The correct flight number from PIT to DFW is EGF3714 leaving PIT at 6:50 (airlines proposed departure time) And arriving at 8:45 into DFW! Take a look check as well and type in 3714


Hi msk882004,

Welcome to Flightaware! EGF 3714 is not on the system so I am not quite sure about that, but EGF714 is and it is doing a flight from PIT to DFW right now. Maybe the actual flight is EGF714 but American is calling it to you EGF3714 which is very possible. Hope this helps.


Both American Eagle 3xxx and 4xxx operate as EGFxxx.


The published schedule and the FAA flight plan numbers are not always the same although usually similar. For instance at my home airport (when I’m in the US) there is EGF 6 but to the general public it is known as AA 3006. They also double up on some flight plan flight numbers.



Ok i guess i see what you mean the flight number that the FAA is calling it may not be the same as what the Airline is caling it…the only reason i was wondering is because the flight from RDU to JFK doesn’t land before the one from PIT takes off which means there would be 2 EGF714 in the system which i found to be odd thanks for all your replies!


I think this might be the flight he is talking about. It fits the time frame.


There is a search feature on the upper left FLIGHT TRACKER menu Don’t know the flight number?

You can enter the city pairs to find your flight.


It is EGF714.
The OP said so in his first post.



No, he said it got entered as EGF714…which was a flight from RDU to JFK.

He was looking for a flight that departed PIT at 6:50 and arrived in DFW at 8:45, and the flight I referenced EGF514, fit the time frame.



But EGF714 is a flight from PIT to DFW.

And he said that that was the one he was flying on.



So is the flight I referenced as seen here.