American Airlines MD-80 at TLH

I was landing at TLH today and there was a AA md80 landing and the crash team followed the plane. Anyone know anything about this? … S/90425005

Finally made it to DFW after 8 hour delay :open_mouth: … /KTPA/KDFW … /KTLH/KDFW

Thanks for the hemorrhage resulting from uncontrolled laughing! Honest to God, that’s some good humor wazzu… Nicely Done!

:laughing: … /KTPA/KDFW

Now based on the above, I wonder why they chose TLH, as opposed to, say, PNS or MOB (to which they were much nearer.)

It looks like AAL send an aircraft to TLH (AAL9602) to replace the original aircraft used for AAL1449.

AAL9602 arrived at 1912 and AAL1449 departed at 2030. AAL1449 originated as a MD82 and left has a MD83. AAL9607, a MD82, left TLH at 1825 on Sunday for LGA.

TLH may have better facilities than PNS or MOB. They may also have MD80 service by other airlines which would mean AAL could have easier access to any spare parts needed.