Why did AAL1681 do a 270-degree turn west of Dallas to head south toward San Antonio instead of west toward its San Jose destination?

The flight now is at only 10,000 ft and 200 kts ground speed.


Now (1918 hrs CST) the flight has done several holding circle paths about 40 miles west of Ft. Worth and is diverted back to KDFW.


Looks like it’s back to DFW after a few more turns in the hold.


FA Flight Tracker tells me the plane landed at 1835 hrs CST. Apparently it’s no national media event, which is good.

I haven’t heard of any news reports. Perhaps if someone here knows what happened, they’ll post something about it.


well - the descent tells me its’ probablysomethng to do with the pressurization system - 10k altitude is the tell tale


Good point!!