American MD-80 KCLT Incident

We have a friend who works KCLT ATC, He said an MD-80 (Im guessing American flight 1402) was flying the cat 2 or cat 3 (not sure which one it would be) somehow managed to line up in between the runway 36C and taxiway. Supposedly they didnt go around, instead they over corrected and hit the wing and did serious damage. From what I had heard everyone was ok. Any one heard anything on this?


The WSJ has the story:

I would imagine that would trigger an FAA flight check of the ILS system.

Being discussed HERE

I was on flight 1402. It felt like a rough landing and that’s all. Nothing dramatic to report. It was so foggy, once we entered the fogbank, I couldn’t even see the end of the wing anymore.
We stopped and waited to get out. I saw someone with a light walk beneath the wing and shine the light up at the wing. No wing damage was visible from there.