American airline b-747s and A380s

Why don’t any North American airlines want to buy A380s ? It seems to me that when all the Eurasian and Australian airlines get A380s flying to America then airlines like Continental and American will go out of bussness . American airlines bout alote of b777s and no 747s or A380s . So why did all American airlines seem to have large aircraft like 747s in the 80s and 90s like Air canada 747s and air canada replaces them all by 777s and Continental had 747s and thier all gone . maybe they will get 748s in the future ? but really i see no resion of replacing 747s or A380s with a bunch of 777s . So what happined to all of thier 747s and why arent thier any North American airlines ordering any 747s and a380s ?


Boeing > Airbus


Many airlines have found that the 777 is a great airplane. It’s capacity is nearly that of the 747 but the expenses are less.

FedEx and UPS were going to buy the A380 in the freighter version. Due to delays by Airbus they canceled their orders.

I don’t think Continental, American, or other USA airlines will go out of business because they don’t have the A380. The A380 is limited to the airports it can to. It is also too big for all but a selected handful of routes.

'Cause Boeing kicks butt!!!

Most US airline routes have too much competition to effectively use the A380.

Also, the 777-300 has more capacity than a 747-200 and only slightly less capacity than a typically configured 747-400.

On the contrary, an if an airline like American were to buy the A380, it would contribute to DRIVING them out of business, not the other way around. It simply isn’t the right aircraft for their needs.

Why dont they buy 748s ? And then why did Emirates order 57 A380s ?? Anyway what is the big deal about a 777 , if AA buys 4 A380s 2 flying to Heathrow in London and the other 2 to japan and they could sell 4 777s and they will get more passingers flying on the a380 than a 777 . An A380 can carry 853 passingers and in way higher luxury than a 777 , a A380 can have showers and bars while the 777 can only have a small bathroom and have 172 seats .

They don’t order the 747-8i because they also don’t need it as it’s too big for the routes they serve.

Emirates ordered so many A380’s because they’re financed by their government which has excess cash and because they depend on serving India extensively, which requires high-density, low yield configurations, but they also don’t want to give up premium cabin sales. It fits their network better. However, I still don’t think they really need more than 20 of them.

A 748 can land in Heathrow airport easily . and in thier routes to japan they can get a large A380 or 748 instead of 2 777s and they can sell thos 2 777s . And why don’t they add more routes to other places for 748s and a380s like a AA a380 flight to frankfurt or moscow from JFK or LAX .

Required runway at MTOW* 10,466 ft (3,190 m) 10,893 ft (3,320 m) 9,902 ft (3,018 m)
ER: 10,138 ft (3,090 m) 10,138 ft (3,090 m)

Required runway length is the same for the -8 and the -400.

The first one is the -100, second is -200, third is -300, fourth is -400 and fifth is the -8.

Supply and Demand. Econ 101.

Bigger plane with more seats doesn’t always translate into better profit.

Basic airline economics.

Frequency matters more than size of aircraft, especially when it comes to business travelers It is better to have several flights a day between two points with smaller aircraft than one or two flights a day between the same points, provided the traffic is there, of course.

There are actually very few routes internationally that has the traffic needed to support an aircraft the size of the A380. There are more that will support a B747.

Also, has been mentioned here, there is not much difference between a 747 and a 777 when it comes payload.

So why can’t they use a A330-300 ? why doees it have to be a 777 instead of a a330 or an a340 . AA or Continental could buy thos instead of 777s so whats so special between a330 , a340 and a 777 ?

Emirates is also the largest 777 operator FYI…

Me thinks we are being baited…oh well.


Boeing > Airbus

Boeing = USA

Airbus = Experts in Surrender

Not to mention that at one time, AA and Continental both would take pride in having all Boeing fleets (Eagle and Continental Express excluded).

Now, I think there is also a training crossover that is needed for pilots to go from most Boeings to an Airbus. I reserve the right to be wrong, though.

The advantage of the 777-200 over the A330-300 is higher payload & range capability.

For example, the 777-200 can operate from the US east coast to Japan with no payload penalty while the A330-300 cannot.

If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin’

Though I have broke this rule with some Bombardiers but hey, at least they’re Canadian.

How did I know this would break down into a Boeing vs. Airbus war? :unamused:

You guys are completely off the boat here.

The reason why N. American airlines aren’t biting on the A380 (outside of FDX and UPS, though they cancelled their A380F orders). is simply because of geography, fuel costs, and different operating models as compared to the rest of the world.

About 12 years ago, airlines, UAL, NWA, and TWA in particular, started to see that they were losing money in domestic routes flown by B747s and other heavy jets, as they weren’t filling the seats to justify using that big an aircraft on a given route, when they can fill them on multiple flights along that same route. That is how the model has been for a while in the US. Cases in point: UAL flying A319s/A320s on a LAX-IAD run, while that same run is done by AAL on a B738. They usd to be both B744s and B767s, respectively.

Second, is geography. We’re so spread out in this country that you couldn’t get everyone to that single location to accommodate the A380 or B744, let alone fill all the seats to make that particular route profitable. Somewhere, like Japan, is another story. They have the population and the capacity to run a flight like that, hence using the B747SP (IIRC, those were just replaced with B777s). Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Singapore also fit that mold.


You really think we didn’t do that on purpose?

In Japan they used the 747D (which was a 747-400 with no winglets and lower takeoff weight). The D stood for Domestic.

The 747SP was a much older aircraft based on the 747-200 which was a shortened 747-200 intended to give it better range, particularly to serve US-South Africa nonstop.

Also, 747’s have largely been off domestic US routes for longer than 12 years. I have a ton of schedules from the early 90’s and they’re pretty much all gone from those routes by that time.

First off, the Us Airlines havent ordered the 777-300ER…

Secondly, VLH aircraft only work across the Pacific and to the Middle East, and maybe on Us-West Coast-Europe