Amanda Franklin RIP from burns from Airshow crash . . .


It is with a broken heart that I tell you that my beautiful girl Amanda passed away at 10:10 central time this evening. Beside her was her adoring husband Kyle, her mother Jeanie, her brother Matt, her sister-in-law Michelle and her devoted mother-in-law Audean.

Thank you all again for your love,

Goodnight and God bless Amanda,


Posted on Facebook account May 28 2011 01:59AM

Amanda Franklin … 3062886573


Extremely sad news, my sincere condolances to the entire family.
Unfortunately it won’t attract much attention on this web site, since it dosen’t have anything to do with airlines/jets.


I’ved been following it on Facebook and her husband daily updates since the crash, really a rollercoaster ride for him as one day she was better and the next day worse.