Alerts are working great. Would be nice if you clicked the alert in the notification bar if it opened the app rather than just clearing the alert.


It should in beta 4, which is available.


A suggestion regarding alerts, if you’ve received multiple alerts, you can only view one, and not consistently, the last one received. It would be nice to scroll through the most recent alerts for each plane/flight issued since the last time the app was opened. Sometimes I don’t have time to grab the phone each time it chirps that an alert (or text msg, or email, or…) has shown up :unamused: .

By example, I’m tracking Boeing test flights for the 747-8 and 787. It is not unusual for Boeing to schedule multiple flights for one of their planes (e.g., BOE1 for the 787 in the full blue livery) during the course of a day - all schedules posted in the morning before the first flight is off the ground. I could also get alerts for BOE8, the 747-8i. If I could scroll through the various flights that alerts came in on, then I could also “track more flights” to see what else had been scheduled. Instead, I currently see only one alert.