Alert Events


I am a little confused on which events to use and if there are any conflicts or results of a duplicated push callback.

I understand out and in events, however I do not understand the difference between departure and off, and arrival and on.

  1. When should one use departure over off, and arrival over on?
  2. What happens when they are all set?

Thanks in advance,

Both the departure and arrival events are considered ‘bundled’ events, which means they not only result in emitting the OFF alert (for departure) and ON alert (for arrival), but would also include some additional related alerts relevant to the departure or arrival phase of flight.

The departure event bundles the departure (actual OFF the ground) alert, along with the flight plan filed alert, and up to 5 per-departure changes which can include alerts for significant departure delays of over 30 minutes, gate changes, and airport delays. FlightAware Global customers will also receive Power on and Ready to taxi alerts as part of the departure bundle. The arrival event bundles the arrival (actual ON the ground) alert, along with up to 5 en-route changes (including delays of over 30 minutes, excluding diversions) identified. FlightAware Global customers will also receive taxi stop times as part of the arrival bundle.

With AeroAPI version 4.14 we introduced the capability to configure the OUT/OFF/ON/IN events individually so that you have greater control over the type and number of alerts that you receive. For many, these new events will be a good alternative to the bundled ‘departure’ and ‘arrival’ events. This enables you to get precisely the data you need and further control your alert delivery costs. If for some reason you elected to configure either the OFF or ON event along with the departure or arrival event (bundled alerts), FlightAware will detect the overlap and only send one OFF or ON alert for the flight.