Al Qaeda Aviation

The Aviation underworld as operated by Al_Qaeda :open_mouth:

Al Qaeda Aviation


Cartel pilots there have been known to stretch an aircraft’s flight range by putting a water mattress filled with aviation fuel in the cabin, then stacking cargoes of marijuana bundles on top to act as an improvised fuel pump.)

This has been a common practice for extending the legs of pressurized aircraft for years, albeit with real neoprene fuel bladders. The Cabin pressure of 3-8 psi squeezes the fuel out to the wing tanks that have only a little more than ambient pressure. Simple no moving parts, just a bladder, a fuel line and a check valve.

true, aside from the glorified vinyl to be eaten by the fuel, and the bails of weed to pressure the fuel into the wing tanks. :slight_smile:

Deglorifying the almighty three holer one drug run and terrorist airlift at a time!