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Airspy mini

I bought two airspy mini on black friday, how much better do they work than a nooelec v2 dongle?
How do i have to configure dump1090? are there any other software? I saw the discussion “Working on native AirSpy support for dump1090-fa”, is there a specific program?

The simplest way is to use @wiedehopf’s script
Native support is very new, only a month or two old.

FlightAware Integration

The easiest way to integrate Airspy into an existing FlightAware PiAware is described here.
If you don’t need all the details, you can just use this neat installation script by FlightAware member @wiedehopf . This script works for FlightAware SD Card images:

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiedehopf/airspy-conf/master/install.sh)"


Great thread on how to get your airspy working
HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration

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Ok perfect, between the two solutions which is the best, how do they differ? Should I expect better performance than nooelec?

They are the same. I just couldn’t find the one @G6CMG posted when I did my search. I run them on an RPI4 and Odroid XU4.

Note that the airspys are deaf with a pre-amp. The uputronics versions are great. The old versions weren’t so good in noisy environments.I have to use then with cavity filters as I have a lot of noisein my location. I haven’t tried the newer version. The rtl-sdr version seems to be the favourite at the moment.

Forgive me but I didn’t understand, I don’t speak English very well. I already have an uputronics lna, shouldn’t I use it with airspys?
But where do I find the native software just released? Am I wrong or does the airspy site refer to the wiedehopf github page?

It does.

@ssrdc uputronics is fine for most conditions. I have 5 or 6 of them, however, in my location, I need to add a cavity filter (A very narrowband physical filter) as I have so much electrical noise in my neighbourhood.

@jonhawkes2030 Thanks!
I’ll let you know

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Since I’m in the mood to buy, I took a pole on which to mount the antenna to connect to the new airspy mini, but I need a cable which one should I take? 8-10 meters

Dongle changed! now the airpy mini is connected.
In the next few days I will send you the graphs1090 screen