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Airports of a country

I want get the take offs flights data by airports only of USA country. How filter it?

I found a way:

  1. request AllAirports = 30300 airports.
  2. Then for each make AirportInfo requests = 30300 * 0.0020 = 60 cost.
  3. This does not have countries codes, only city states codes. So I need make myself list of USA codes, then filter airports.
  4. Then make some other requests for each airports…

Is there a simpler and cheaper way?

If you really need to monitor flights for all US airports on an ongoing basis, then it would probably be better to use the FlightAware Firehose service instead due to the volume of data involved.

If it is just a single-time search of data for specific days/weeks/months (not necessarily recurring or long-term basis), then ordering a custom data report might be a better option.