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List of all airlines name and airline codes

I need a list of all airlines name and airline codes to be used when I query your API.

Shalom Tsadok

Call the “AllAirlines” function to get a list of all of their ICAO codes. Then call “AirlineInfo” for each one to get the name and details for each one you’re interested in.

I can fetch AllAirlines Code, but I need to fetch All flights info on specific airport for specific time period. Let’s suppose I need to get All Flights from 05/22/2015 08:45 to 05/22/2015 16:30 for the airport (OMDB)
I need all these in single call, does any custom query supported, if any then guide us how can I?

Try SearchBirdseyeInFlight with a range expression on one of the time fields plus a match on the airport code for either origin or destination.