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AirportInfo...How about adding country code?

Hi everyone,

How about adding country code to the AirportInfoStruct?

Adding the ISO 3166-2 codes would be most fantastic and would make me a very happy man.

At the moment, there is nothing returned by AirportInfo that says what country the airport is in. One could use the location that is returned but if you only want to know the country (programatically) then this isn’t a lot of use.

Please consider this :slight_smile:



We’ll keep this in mind for an upcoming revision of the FlightXML API. At this time, our own internal airport database does not use a standardized country code so we’d need to audit our sources first too.

Currently finding myself needing this, too. ISO 3166-2 would be ideal. Guess I’ll have to write lookup code with lat/lng in the meantime. Thanks!

Country codes are actually available through the airport data feed on flightaware.com/commercial/data/

Thanks but that costs $1,850! All I need is the country code inline with FlightInfo or AirportInfo.