AirportInfo Time Clarification


Hi guys,

I am pulling some info on an airport, especially time zone, through the Airportinfo method.

I get “CST6CDT” as the timezone value for the airport.

I know CST is :Central Standard Time and CDT is : Central Day Light Time.

I have 2 questions.
What does the 6 mean?

:: UPDATE - I just found that the time difference between CST and GMT is 6. Could the 6 be that?

When day light saving is off, what would be the last 3 characters or the characters after “6” look like?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Ela Buwa


The 6 indeed means it’s 6 hours from GMT in standard time; it’s mostly to disambiguate between multiple timezones with the same abbreviation. Like if say Australia had a central time, they’d be something like CST-10CDT.

The timezone code is always the same regardless of whether you’re currently in DST or not.

These are standard POSIX timezones, you probably want to use a library that supports them rather than trying to parse them yourself.