airport status


how do i find out about airport delays, closures etc

#2 click on the dot or…

direct from the FAA


i tried the and it just shows past activity. it doesnt show delays ,closures, ground stops etc.


They’re flagged on the map on /live (click on a yellow/red dot to see) and also listed on


thanks. but… the airport i am interested in is a small one, not on the map. so where can i punch in the code to see my airports delays, etc.?


If we detect delays at a small airport we’ll add them to the map and list, otherwise they don’t appear. Small airports generally don’t have their own delays (aside from very exceptional circumstances) but rather the delays will only be to one hub that has its own delays.


thanks for the info. i am interested in the airport on marthas vineyard island which,like nantucket, has frequent delays and ground stops due to fog and sometimes thunderstorms


Does this page help?

As of this posting, it showed 3 scheduled flights in delayed status.


There is a way to see more airports that are not included in the “big map” of the major airports. But you will have to dig a bit deeper into the site.

There is no guarantee that Nantucket will show up in the advisories database, but it might if there is a ground stop, etc.

From the site, click on “Products”.

At the Products page, click on the top item: “Advisories Database”. You will then see the “Most Recent ATCSCC Advisory”.

Click on the link in the bottom paragraph: “Advisory Database Selection Form”. You will see a menu: I just leave it at the defaults: “ATCSCC advisories only” and “Show Advisories in Sequential Order”. Select the day you want to look at in the little box ( I think they go back two weeks" and then click “Show Selected Advisories”.

You will then see a list of all the ATCSCC messages sent out since midnight UTC ( or Zulu time, if you prefer).

The messages are numbered from 0000z, and if ACK is listed you will see it in the “Control Element” column. Or, check for ZOB messages ( Boston Center).