Airport information available?


Do you have a facility to return airport information that can easily be parsed with software?

In other words, I can find airport information on your web site and it’s conveniently displayed for a human to read it.

What would be really cool is if you also had a facility that would supply airport information in some format that would be easy to parse by software, but would probably look ugly to humans. That way people could write software to gather airport information easily and be able to use it in their program.

Or do you know of a facility that has this capability?

I’d be interested in airport elevation, runway lengths, orientations, and METARs.



Our FlightXML service has a AirportInfo method for basic information (mostly location related) as well as Metar(Ex) for METARs. We have the runway data but it’s not currently exposed via FlightXML.

Please give me a call at 713 877 9010 x 706 to discuss what you’d like to do.