Airport Identifiers vs City names

Hello from Texas — It would be great to be able to key in the name of the city and have the available airports shown (say a 20 mile radius) then just pick it – for the weather. It is difficult to remember all of the airport identifiers (along the route) — the start and ending airports are a no brainer.
You have a GREAT site!!
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Andrew ----

Until they implement something like that, use to search for airports. That’s the home page. Click on the airport tab then the advanced search tab to locate airports within X miles of the city or airport you want.

Once you get the airports, just plug them into FlightAware. (Tip: Open Airnav in a separate window then arrange the two windows so you can see both at the same time.)

Or just type in the airport or city name in the box to the left where it says
Don’t know the airport code?

That wouldn’t work because he wants to be able to see all of “the available airports shown (say a 20 mile radius).”

I know you can use ZFW to look at the Dallas-FW Area. Is there something like that for all metropolitan areas?