All ident code of specific city



How can i get city wise all ident code to provide drop down selection for origin and destination.
like above url

#2 … tSchedules

I believe that method can provide what you’re looking for.



Thank you for your response but i want all ident code of Durban city in drop down if i type DUR in input box . if i type KAL then also display dropdown for all related ident .for this which function i have to integrate .please help.
i need functionality as this page dropdown to select origin and destination.


If you’re using FlightXML2 then AllAirports will give you all the list of ICAO for all known airports. It doesn’t functionality to tell you what are the nearby airports, so you’d have to do that on the client side.

In FlightXML3 you can use NearbyAirport to find all airports within range of a lat/lon pair or another airport. So if you have the lat/lon of a city center you could use it to find airports around that town. For example to see airports within 20 miles of Houston: … 0&offset=0



<?php $options = array(
                 'trace' => true,
                 'exceptions' => 0,
                 'login' => 'USER name',
		 'password' => 'APIKEY',
				 $client = new SoapClient('', $options);
//$client = new SoapClient('', $options);
$param= array(
	'longitude' =>'29.7604',

$Aresult = $client->NearbyAirports($param);
echo "<pre>";


according to this code i have to put airport code but we need autocomplete function because user doesn’t know all airport code currectally.
please suggest me how is it possible to integrate autocomplete functionality to select origin and destination by city as well as ident code also


If you’re looking to do an autocomplete then you would need to query FlightXML2 AllAirport and build a local cache of all airports that you could use in your autocomplete pattern matching.


I have already used it and got result also.
on this url .

<?php $options = array(
                 'trace' => true,
                 'exceptions' => 0,
                 'login' => 'user name',				
                 'password' => 'api key',
$client = new SoapClient('', $options);

$Aresult = $client->AllAirports();
<script> $(function() {
	var availableTags =  <?php echo "'".implode("','",$Aresult->AllAirportsResult->data)."'"; ?>];
	//$( ".tags" ).autocomplete({ minLength: 3 });
	$( ".tags" ).autocomplete({
		minLength: 3,
	source: availableTags

but it shows only ident code.if i type city name like DUR then it doesn’t show any result.
. i need result like above url .i need ident code by city name alo


If you need names as well as ident, then you’d need to either query AirportInfo for each code from AllAirports, or we sell a copy of our airport database (


XML v3 NearbyAirports returns an error that alternate_ident is missing. Please see my post last month - I checked this morning and still returns an error.