Airport Diagram question … IAGRAM/pdf

What do the circles and HOT1, HOT2 and HOT3 mean?
Just sites on the field at risk for runway incursions?

You got it right, runway incursion “Hot Spots” Basically telling you to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW

How come they are not at all airports? Look at this one :arrow_right: Maybe just not much traffic at the airport? Nothing where 14 and 19 cross…

That’s where women flash the pilots.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Totally odd but Hot Spot information is contained in the Airport facility Directory on a page called Airport Diagrams Hot Spots. Seems like it should be contained on the diagram but it is not. Spots are locally developed as needed.

For example using the KMIA diagram.

HOT1 Multiple intersections closely spaced.

HOT2 departure taxi out of Spot 15, Spot 14, Spot 13, misidentification of Twy P and Q and Twy T has lead to runway incursions onto Rwy 12-30.

HOT3 Twy runway ends in close proximity.