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Airport Berlin Tegel officially abandoned

After the move of all air traffic from former Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) to the new Airport Berlin (BER) last year, today is the last day where the old airport was in standby

At midnight all air traffic controllers are leaving the airport like a captain the ship.

TXL is planned to be a playground for some new innovative technology companies


I’m looking forward to flying into BER in the next year or so, if all goes well.

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Last time i was in Tegel was 2018. Clearly an outdated airport which wasn’t capable to handle the volume properly. Some might see it different.

Never seen BER working, only visited the construction area once.
Some things were already outdated before they started. Lots of mistakes were made with BER

Was about time they openend BER, took a long time and a lot of extra $$$$$$$$$ :slightly_smiling_face: