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Airplanes with no trace


I do notice sometime airplanes (very few) flying by my house without any trace on both my 1090 and 978 monitors. (Skyview 3.7.1 and earlier versions)

is it normal? do we have any airplanes nowadays that are still not equipped with any means of transmitting its location?


There is only a requirement to have a transponder in certain airspace.
There are plenty of aircraft that don’t even have electrical systems or radios.

It is entirely legal to turn off the transponder in airspace where it is not required.

See and Avoid is the primary method of safety at low altitude. It’s not perfect, but nothing is.

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Thank you @jonhawkes2030 for the clarification

I was going to ask the same question as something large and loud took off from the local airport well after 22:00 local last night but did not show up on the live tracking map for that airport nor is listed as a departure. Last listed departure was 20:30 local last night and the next listed outbound flight was for 06:30 this morning.

Well just came here for the same issue.Hopeful of an accurate solution here.