Airplanes Flicker on Map

Howdy! I have been feeding for a little over a year now and I recently upgraded to the Flight Aware antenna and love the results. I couldn’t find a post with a similar issue, so I’m hoping someone has seen this before.

I moved the antenna from one side of my window to the other, then this aircraft flickering started occurring. I moved it back, but same result. I tried using the original antenna to see if it it would still have the same flicker, and it did. I can’t imagine this has always been happening and I just now noticed it, but who knows. I’m getting solid positions, but it’s annoying that I can’t pinpoint the cause.

You can view a short video of the issue here:

Thank you!

It is something to do with how openlayers is used, but I don’t know of a fix.
(suggestions or pull requests welcome…)

Mine does this, I know I’ve only been running for a couple of weeks but it’s always done it.

You can see here.

It doesn’t do it when viewing VRS as can be seen here.

Great, thank you! I don’t remember seeing this before, but my map is full of activity with the new antenna, so I’m sure that’s why it’s more noticeable.