Airplanes at KFFC


We get quite a bit of nice aircraft in at KFFC. I figured I would start snapping some pics when I get the chance and throw up some on here. I will get the DC3 tomorrow and also KFFC is playing host to a WWII heritage day so I will try to get some pics if I can. Until then, enjoy these. I will update whenever I get something new.

PS: I am not a pro photographer by any means, sorry some are blurry.


The new Sea King looks just like their old one. Why didn’t the USMC just buy some new ones off the shelf for Marine One? :imp:


That thing was pretty impressive. I hope they are around tomorrow. ATL is having some big law enforcement event this weekend so maybe they will be here still for that? It was great to see that helicopter taxi out and use the runway for a rolling takeoff. :smiley:


Anyone ever notice that KFFC and KFFZ are both named Falcon Field? :confused:


Nice pictures. Good job.


You did a great job.

Not a criticism, but you should consider labeling your pics. While many of us can discern your subjects’ identities at a glance, I would imagine that most FA visitors don’t have that ability.


Why not indeed. Although the additional engine in the replacement allows one to get out of town quicker.

Maybe the present administration thinks they’ll need that ability come January?


What? You think they have an exit strategy? :wink:


Yep, get out of Dodge with their hides intact and leave the problem to those who follow.

Cheney will bring up the rear and provide cover fire.


Here are a few more pics of a DC-3 doing landings at KFFC today.
I normally carry my camera with me but yesterday I did not have it in my bag, I missed the F-18 doing approaches!

Anyway, enjoy this big ol’ bird.