Airplane Crash

Highway 7 in Velma, OK

Just happened a few minutes ago! Will update as more details come available

Healdton Municipal Airport, sounds like the aircraft departed or was going to arrive there…details still coming in

It hit Wright Sholem gas plant… I believe it was just a search plane like the plains that look for oil leaks and such. Ratliff city, fox, velma fire departments are doing all they can.

single engine pipline plane… Fatal crash

spotted a leak and was flying low clipped power-lines and went down. Not in the sholem gas plant but on that same road

All this info. is from people on the scene…all UNCONFIRMED at the moment

COUNTYLINE, OK – Authorities are reporting a plane has crashed in Countyline just outside of Duncan. A viewer whose father is a first responder in that area, Amber Cheyenne Wright, has informed us that the single-engine pipeline plane may have been an aircraft used to search for oil leaks.

Wright said the pilot may have spotted a leak, flew too low and clipped power lines which caused the plane to go down.

She said the plane may have hit the Sholem Gas Plant and has started a fire.

The crash is thought to be fatal, however, authorities have yet to confirm a death.

Ratliff City, Fox and Velma fire departments are on scene.