Airlines utilizing FA, anyone?



Knowing the caveats of using FlightAware FlightFeeder for commercial purposes, I will first explain what I mean by using FA for business.

I work for an airline and part of the cost reduction we employ is to reduce the amount of ACARS position reports we receive from aircraft and focus position reports that are readily accessible. For example we maintain the position reports from our aircraft to 15 minutes, while our tracking system provides almost real time tracking

We use a tracking tool that is partners with FA to porvide a tracking solution. It uses ACARS and radar feeds to supplement ADS-B and provide However, we noticed that our homebase (OJAI./AMM) is poorly covered, so I asked for a FlightFeeder and deployed it on the cluster that houses our VHF and other antennae.

This feeds FA which in turn feeds our tracking system. We found real value in that and we are able to track our aircraft.

Is there anyone here with a similar experience or knows of usage for inside airlines tracking?