AirlineFlightSchedules without Origin


I’m trying to find flights destined for a particular ICAO. The coding I have works if I enter origin & omit destination, but not if I do the opposite. Am I doing something wrong or is this intentional? Both origin & destination parameters are documented as being optional.

Flight Schedules API

Either or both origin and destination may be omitted. There is no specific restriction. If there are no flights being returned, then there is no flight schedules matching your criteria.

Not all airline flights have published their schedule information to us, regardless of whether we are able to track their actual flights.


Thanks for the response bovineone.

I’ve tried submitting origin KJFK and destination VHHH which produces expected results. I’ve also tried submitting just origin KJFK while omitting a destination & that too produces expected results. When omitting the origin and submitting only VHHH, though, it is returned as no flights destined to Hong Kong.

Is there anything special to check or is m coding just off?


Works for me: … &howMany=3

{"AirlineFlightSchedulesResult":{"next_offset":3,"data":{"ident":"CPA254","actual_ident":"","departuretime":1362780300,"arrivaltime":1362822300,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"VHHH","aircrafttype":"B77W","meal_service":"First: Breakfast, Dinner / Business: Breakfast, Dinner / Economy: Breakfast, Dinner","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":57,"seats_cabin_coach":238},{"ident":"QFA3976","actual_ident":"AFR188","departuretime":1362781200,"arrivaltime":1362823500,"origin":"LFPG","destination":"VHHH","aircrafttype":"B77W","meal_service":"First: Breakfast, Meal / Business: Breakfast, Meal / Economy: Breakfast, Meal","seats_cabin_first":8,"seats_cabin_business":67,"seats_cabin_coach":228},{"ident":"AFR188","actual_ident":"","departuretime":1362781200,"arrivaltime":1362823500,"origin":"LFPG","destination":"VHHH","aircrafttype":"B77W","meal_service":"First: Meal, Snack or brunch / Business: Meal, Snack or brunch / Economy: Meal, Snack or brunch","seats_cabin_first":8,"seats_cabin_business":67,"seats_cabin_coach":228}]}}


Thanks. I’ll try again on Sunday & Monday. I’ll come back if I have problems.


I’m embarrassed at the mistake I had made with this problem.

Thanks for the attention.