Airline Tracking


Bearskin Airlines (BLS)
and Wasaya Airlines (WSG)
are both scheduled passenger airlines, but the filter lists them as GA.
Can a staff member fix this?


Thanks, will be updated within 48 hours.


Has not been updated yet.


It hasn’t been 48 hours yet.


Related questions: When entering the airline name, would it be possible to use the same code that shows up on the map, rather than having to figure out what the code stands for? If that’s not possible, why is it that the pick list doesn’t recognize Boeing or KLM? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks


If you know the code from the map, then you can simply enter it in the flight/ tail# section.

For example-
If you saw FLG5858,
you would not have to go to the picker and select pinnacle airlines, but you could simply enter FLG5858.


THANKS! So you put the flight number in the tail number box. I don’t think I owuld have ever figured that out. thanks again


That’s why it’s the Flight/Tail # box. :slight_smile: