Airline Outsourcing


Do you feel the FAA is lax in keeping track of maintenance done by overseas maintenance organizations?
Are you comfortable with US aviation maintenance work now no longer here?
Do you trust an unlicensed mechanic working on the airplane your riding on who can’t even read nor understand English?

Do you trust the FAA stating that they won’t take action against an off-shore maintenance organization until they find a problem?


I don’t see how reading English is important considering many aircraft are built and many airlines operate in countries where English is the primary language. Do you think you have to read and write English to be technically competent?

As long as these maintenance centers are approved by the manufacturers I see no problem.

  1. I’m comfortable
  2. What’s your source that they are unlicensed or don’t speak English?
  3. Why would the FAA take action if there’s no problem?


It would be nice if the airlines would keep the outsourcing to American companies. I think the FAA should keep tabs on foreign maintenance organizations to prevent problems.


Pfft, I wouldn’t put that much credence on what the manufacturers approve. Trust me, I talk from personal experience (reason why I sold my plane) on what I see at KMBO and past avionic work on my plane :wink:

Pileits asks some very thought provoking questions that common passengers probably would not want to know the answers.


You can’t condemn all manufacturer’s approval of outside repair on one company or incident.


Err, Garmin, Beechcraft. Major players in the airplane biz.

It wasn’t one company nor was it one incident. :unamused:

Like I said, I talk first hand experience. :wink:


Based on your previous postings to people who disagree with you, I am hesitant to post this but I’ll take a chance that you will act civilized.

Let me rephrase what I said earlier. You cannot condemn outsourcing based on 2 incidents with 2 companies, especially at a small airport like KMBO or even KJAN.

That would be similar to be condemning all barbershops because I went to two different barbers and got a bad haircut.

I’m interested in your civilized (i.e. non-condescending, non-holier-than-though) response.


Yep, Dami (note emphasis above)…

As I told the Dami profile, please show a response I made in these forums where I am not civilized in my response. You won’t because your statement is based on opinion, not fact.

I consider this response very civilized as I don’t make any comments on your character. How you take my response as condescending is your problem, not mine, not the rest of the world.

I can do what I want insofar as condemn manufacture approvals because I have experience to back up my position and my experiences have been well documented and shared in these forums so others can learn from my airplane ownership experience.

What is your experience in the aviation world to contradict my position and tell me what I can’t do?


My name is Michael.

Holier-than-though, condescending.

My question did not apply to only aviation. Let me rephrase it for you: You cannot condemn outsourcing of anything nor can you condemn any industry nor can you condemn any service nor can you condemn … based on a hand small sampling of the outsourcing, industry, service, etc.

**Michael **
Lawrenceburg, TN
Aviation researcher


Watch Frontline on PBS regarding outsourcing. The show they ran stated many mechanic’s working for off shore maintenance organizations can’t even read the maintenance manuals written in English. Nor were those mechanic’s licensed to work on aircraft.
Given those facts as being true and correct are you STILL comfortable riding on an airplane worked on by a person who is not trained as to how to maintain an airplane nor is that person able to read and understand the manuals pertaining to maintaining that airplane.



The Frontline show focused entirely on the negative side. It did not report on the vast majority of outsourced maintenance that is done correctly without shortcuts.

The unions have themselves to blame for outsourcing due to their demands for high wages and inflexible work rules.