Airline News: OpenSkies

Source: The Independent (London)

World’s newest airline faces stormy forecasts
BA’s OpenSkies subsidiary is taking off in troubled times, hoping to avoid the fate of rivals
By Danny Fortson, Business Correspondent

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I really think this is stupid for an established airline like BA to try this airline within an airline concept which is proven terrible.

I’m beginning to think that most airline executives do not read about their own industry. To paraphrase an old saying, “those who do not know the history of the airline industry are doomed to repeat its mistakes.”

This airline is trying to market to a market that won’t come. They want business travelers to fly between these cities. Well, I’m sorry but biz travelers will take airlines that give them more flights. Unless they can bring low prices, this airline will fall hard.

And to think United was stupid enough to try the “airline within an airline” thing twice! Shuttle and Ted. Delta learned the very first time with Song.
I don’t think Southwest will come up with “South by Southwest,” specializing in Austin flights…(Think about that one) 8)

And don’t forget everyones favorite, Continental Lite