Airline Flights-Tail Numbers question

I think at one point someone on here put a link to a site that would show the N-Number or whatever that was used for each flight for that day. I have a few flights that for some reason I didn’t get the tail #s off of that I need. Also, one flight (Capital Cargo International), I got the photo, and a tail # (N901EA), but that # isn’t being used right now, and is not listed under CCI’s 727s on the FAA website…

I am hoping someone can link me that site again so I can figure out which 727 it was that actually flew into RDU a few weeks ago. thanks

EDIT: I figured out that what I was reading as N901EA was actually N801EA, but still not registered directly to CCI. Anyways, still need help on this site, if anyone knows which one I am referring to. thanks.

BTS Airline On-Time database

N801EA is a B727-225F (conversion from passenger to cargo date is unknown).
C/N 22432 L/N 1658

For production lists of airliners and many business jets, go to

WOW ok that is a very complicated database system. is there any way you could post a link to RDU specifically? I cant figure out the site…thanks.


It’s not airport specific. It may look complicated but it really isn’t. Set the time period (month and year) that you want to download, click the boxes for the data you want to see, and then do the download. You can also click on a box to download a prezipped file which contains all of the fields.

You may also wish to download uniquecarrier or carrier code lookup tables in order to decode the carrier code.

There’s also a link to generic the download instructions under the title “On-Time : On-Time Performance”.

Caveat: The downloaded file is a CSV file. It may be longer than 65,536 rows, which is the maximum that Excel 2003 and earlier can handle. If you have Excel 2007, Access, or Quattro Pro then it’s no problem.

Juan, the Excel maven!


ok I was trying this thing out today. I set it for North Carolina, 2008, December. then I checked the following boxes…

day of month, airlineID, tailnum, flightnum, origincityname, destcityname, and arrtime.

when I downloaded it, it was BLANK! I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I was trying to figure out the tail numbers for a few aircraft I got landing shots of from the end of the runway at RDU yesterday.

thanks for any help.

Right below the link for the download instructions:

Latest Available Data: October 2008

The data is about 2-3 months old before it is posted.

oh lol well that would explain it. that sucks. lol