Airline Fleets

Is there a website out there were you get a list of every or most airlines and can look at the airlines fleet?? I have been google but can’t find anything.

Here’s a good one I use, and although I wouldn’t bet the house on their info, it is still pretty accurate:

And this site has pretty detailed info organized by aircraft type:


If you can afford it, I recommend JP Airline Fleets. It’s about $70. See /Buchair or issues of Airliners or Airways for more information. If you buy it, buy it through Airliners’ web page - you get free shipping.

I wish i could afford it but can you only use it to see fleets or are there other things you can do?

“…or are there other things you can do?”

Not sure what you mean. You asked about fleet lists. JP has them. It is also available on CD so you can search and print out what you want. Unfortunately, if you want both the CD and hard copy, you have to pay over $130.

[funny]Being a book, it makes a great flat space to write on while commuting on the train. You can use has a paperweight. Of course, throwing a book up in the air and then watching it fall is always nice.[/funny]

I look at the link is the fleet program software or do you register and they send you a bill?? If it’s a website I didn’t know if there were other things to do besides find fleets. To me $70 for just viewing fleets is not worth it to me, but if there were other things to do then I would look into it.

If you are talking about the website, you download the data or view it on screen. Both sites mentioned by Newark777 are free. Browse through them to see if it’s what you are looking for.

If you are talking about the book, you do the same thing with the JP book that you do with any other book - you read it.

I wasn’t talking about the book.

You mentioned $70. That is the cost of the book. I wasn’t sure if you thought the web pages also cost $70.

I new the book cost money but I didn’t know if the site also cost money as well.

You could try this site :
I found it abit better than

Great find, bigjulie! Very interesting web site. A new bookmarked page for me.