Couple questions:

Who remembers or has ever used AIRINC for flight movement messages, load messages…?

Do a lot of carriers still use it or have there been other programs introduced to show aircraft movement…?

I also remeber the whole different language used to send messages:

Attn alcon,

LH418 rtn gt will updt whn inf is avail. Expect whls up 0200Z.

ACARS is used primarily for arr/dep messages. ACARS is an ARINC system so they are still involved in that aspect.

I have used them to relay position reports across the Atlantic a few times, but as a private operator not that much. They are actually the contractor who is NY radio and Oakland radio for the FAA’s HF services. They are also in charge of issuing SELCAL codes worldwide.

They do a lot of R&D for not only the airlines but the FAA too.

ARINC has been around for a long time and it looks like they will be around for quite a while longer.

Cool, yeah I had gone to their web page and seen that they were still around. I just was for some reason having a flash back earlier. I remember getting the SELCAL notes from SV, NH, JL back in the day.

yeah, SELCAL was a fantastic invention. We had a trip across the pond a few years ago and the little box failed it’s check. Soooo, guess who had to listen to the HF all the way across. Not much fun.