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Aircraft tracked locally but not seen on the FA web site

I was wondering why I am showing aircraft on my local HTML page complete with flight information (tracking, altitude, squawk, etc) but they are not showing up on the FA tracking web page. I originally noticed it a couple of weeks ago as three of the Google’s Project Loon balloons flew nearby. I tracked them for about 120 miles on my local screen but they never showed up on the public web site.

I do understand there is a bit of a delay before the public page produces what we see locally but those Google Loon balloons never showed. This morning I was seeing a couple of FDX flights quite a long time before the popped up on the public page.

Thanks, John.

FA has been having website stability issues today. Some web pages never load and a error landing page is shown instead stating that engineers are working on the problem. Some content of the My ADS-B page may be missing.