Aircraft shows up on Flightaware App but not my PiAware receiver

As the title says… I can see an aircraft on the Flightaware App but not my own PiAware receiver software
In this case it was a local County Police Helicopter circling over my area that USED TO show up on my PiAware receiver software. When I went to the FlightAware App at the same time it showed up doing circles over my area. Why would it display in Flightaware and not my PiAware?
Wonder what could have changed? Currently running as follows:
Feeder Type: PiAware (SD Card) 6.0
Feeder Mode: Mode-S (1090 MHz)
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled (synchronized with 568 nearby receivers)
Any ideas?

Maybe the helicopter did not transmit the ADS-B data and on FA it’s shown using a different source.

Another reason could be if the aircraft/heli is very close, your gain can be too high which makes it “disappearing”.

You changed the antenna or gain?
What does your reception look like?

Reduce your gain until you start losing a bit of range, that should resolve issues with close by flights.

Another possibility is that the helicopter is now using 978 and you don’t have a 2nd SDR to receive 978 as well.

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It’s the same antenna and the gain is the default from the Piaware install. (Whatever that is)
Other close aircraft have shown up before I noticed this particular issue.
No, I don’t have a 978 SDR so that is an interesting possibility.
Is there a way to define which Frequency (1090 or 978) an aircraft is using when using the Flightware App?
That could certainly solve this.

I think the app does not distinguish which frequency the aircraft was covered.

Unfortunately i do not use it

Thanks again,

I will also try to take another look at the possible Gain/Distant anomalies.
Fun stuff to play around with!

It’s meant to show up differently in the tracklog, but something’s currently broken there for recent flights (last couple of weeks)

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