Aircraft Ground Movement


Has a new feature recently been implemented where we are able to see certain types of aircraft as they taxi? I was looking at the flight traffic at KORD and noticed that many of the heavy jets were being tracked at they taxied to and from the terminal. If this is a new feature, its awesome!

Thank you!


Are you searching for an individual flight or type of aircraft? That is super cool - but I would like to know how to search for the heavies so that I can go to the Des Plaines McDonalds and watch them fly out.


The best way to see the aircraft is to look at the airport map, and zoom all the way in. For KDSM just watch the taxiways and you will see the heavy jets taxing.


Not seeing it here?


I’m guessing this is a side effect of new Airport Surveillance Radar in use at some airports. The transponder is left on during ground operations so that controllers have a radar picture of aircraft movement on the airport surface. Anyone know for sure?


Sometimes the FAA is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Apologies to Mr. Gump.


ADS-B provides a good ground return for those aircraft and airports that are equipped for it. Check out the Australian airports, most aircraft there are ADS-B equipped. The downside is you can’t zoom in here all that far.