Air sickness


Over the past few months, I have developed problems with air sickness. Usually it is the “quick drops” combined with “tail kicks” that get to me, bad. Granted, it could be because of my eyesight, which I have an appointment for (that’s what I get for having a job where I stare at a computer screen all day), combined with my severe drop in flight time due to the birth of my son back in December. I have heard that Ginger pills work. Anyone have any advice, other than getting my rear end back in the air more often to get used to the environment again???


Are you talking as a pilot (which it sounds like to me) or a passenger? If a passenger on an airliner, I suggest sitting over the wing where it is more stable.

Here’s some pages that may be useful. They seem to apply mainly to car and sea sickness but should be applicable to air sickness. … res_f.html … kness.html … 91125.html



Funny, I actually watched that Mythbusters…


I would definitely check out the eyesight thing as a possible cause. Nausea is the body’s response to conflicting sensual inputs (the ears and eyes are the most likely suspects), but in your case there could also be some other residual effect from childbirth. Probably just lack of practice though :wink:


Yeah, the lack of sleep for me and my wife can be a part of it. Sad thing is that he loves being in “PawPaw’s” plane, even if it is sitting in the hangar.


Oops, sorry Pika. I assumed you were the mother :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley:


I gathered that, so I clarified that the nice way. :laughing: