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AeroAPI not returning results


I’m trying to get results from AeroAPI for KLAX. Here is the request:

POST http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/Departed
“airport”: “KLAX”,
“filter”: “airline”,
“howMany”: 10,
“offset”: 0

But the response comes back empty:

“DepartedResult”: {
“next_offset”: -1,

Why is this happening?


Can you double check that you are properly connected and that your key is entered correctly?

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Yes my key is entered correctly. If I don’t enter it correctly I get an error like this:

Authentication Required

Authentication Required

Can you double check that all the operators (airport, filter, howmany, offset) all have checkmarks in their respective boxes?

Alternatively, copy and paste this command and see what results you get:


Oh I see the issue! You aren’t supporting JSON request bodies. When I changed it to use form/urlencoded it works. Thanks