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I tried playing around with the AeroAPI alert function, calling alerts and expecting to receive something along the line of not having alerts set yet. Instead I received a 401 error, INVALID_API_KEY. They key works for other requests, so not sure what the issue is?

Also, is there a more detailed documentation on the alert function and how the call back needs to be set up?

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I am getting the exact same problem, I can’t work with any of the alert methods because all of them return an INVALIDAD_API_KEY error even when the same api key works for requests in another resource.

Verify which AeroAPI plan / tier you are using. As far as I know, alerts are not available through the AeroAPI Personal tier. Alerts are available in the Standard tier or above which have a minimum monthly fee. AeroAPI account tiers can be found here: AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware

In order to make use of alerts, you would need to upgrade your account from the personal tier to standard tier at minimum.

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